Website not working - 502 Bad Gateway


Cannot access the website - 502 Bad Gateway.
This happens both on my computer using broadband and also on my mobile phone using 4G, so I don’t think the problem is my end. I haven’t changed anything, just uploaded a new page via ftp, which was successful.

Website status on the control panel is Running.


The same is true for my website:


Do you guys happen to use WordPress?




I’ve opened a ticket with developers to check on these two sites, as far as I can see both load blank white pages/ 502 Bad Gateway or both endlessly load depending on what it wants to do.

Both file managers are working / both don’t use database / tried switching PHP version but that didn’t help either.


@ckhawand No, I don’t use Wordpress.

@Infinity Thank you for raising a ticket. I had checked the differences between php 7.0 and 7.1 and couldn’t see any problems there. It worked fine yesterday!



I have the same issue “502 bad gateway”. My website address is:
I do not use Wordpress either.


Thank you for you reply I’ve added your site to the ticket.


Can those affected please check their websites?


Mine’s back - thank you @Infinity :+1:


Спасибо всем за помощь


Mine is up too, many thanks for your help