Website not working, after 2 days of porting my domain


Hello there, 2 days ago i parked my domain on 000webhost ( ), added dns to my registrer(godaddy), and since then i m waiting for my webiste to come up but something is wrong i guess. Its not my first time doing this, so i think i did everything like was supposed to. Can i get some help please ? Thank you. ( i have the same email on my account with 000webhost )

Also i want to say that i uploaded a full website who doesnt need any platform like wordpress etc.

Edit : Ftp is not working wither, i cannot connect after i parked my domain


Hi @HuskyBanks!

  1. Your domain is loading fine from here. Please clear your browser cache, restart your router, flush your DNS and try again.

  2. Your FTP credentials are located in 000webhost cPanel > Settings > General > FTP details . If you don’t know your website password please change it and try again. Use Plain FTP as encryption protocol in your FTP client.


Thank you, its working now


You’re welcome! :blush:




FTP works ok now?  


everything works including FTp, thank you SIR


We’re glad thinks work fine now :blush:


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