Website redirected to suspended domain page


Dear Sir,

My domain is pointing to ns01 000webhost com and ns02 000webhost com, but it is redirected to suspendeddomain org

kindly request you to help me ASAP.


@scientific.cart Works fine on my side.
Clear your browser cache,data and then try again.


Dear Akhil Sir,
I cleared the cache, dns flush and even tried different devices, but it still goes to suspended domain page


Try clearing data or try private mode/incognito mode in your browser.


tried everything, no luck :frowning:


Try this,
1)Go to “Network Adapter Setting” on my PC.
2)Now go to “IPv4 Settings”.
3)And update:-
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:

Now again clear your browser cache,data and restart your browser.
Now try your website again.


it still is going to


Use a friend’s internet enabled device to check why that’s happening because it’s working well here.


My suggestion is that your PC is under adware or malware right now… check it with the appropiate tools or anti-virus and you will see the change that you are expecting…


@scientific.cart Is your issue fixed??
If not try my suggestion again, then restart your PC.
See if above helps, as it’s just a cache issue.


@ Ausbel I’m having different ISPs with me and at that time all were showing the same thing.

@ Joffre My PC is clean like a brand new harddisk and I think you are not a technical person from what you wrote. Because saying adware, malware or virus is just a caption to fool layman.

@akhilkumar332 I think there was a caching by the ISP. Now that the caching is cleared by the ISP the webpage is loading fine :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that :slight_smile:
Do post again anytime :wink: