Website reported for overloading an SQL server I never figured out how to use

My website was suspended for an SQL server that I never figured out how to use, and I believe that the websites on my account should be unsuspended because I have very little traffic, and I do not want to lose my websites

Did you appeal via email like you’re supposed to?
It says MP4 storage in the reason, the MySQL is a default reason I think.

I emailed them 9 days ago but they did not respond. This might of happened when I was downloading my website after compressing it, which may have caused it to do that. As I am beginning the process to switch providers, if I can’t get my sites back, I would ask to have a copy of the site, as it was also reported for the same reason, yet it had no MP4s on it.

Hmm I can see awesomewebm was suspended and the data was automatically cleared after 7 days, I’ll have a look at our inbox now.

I’ve checked our inbox for both traces of your email or your awesomewebm URL but can’t find any emails incoming to us sadly?
On 2019-09-03 18:17:57 your account was suspended for the file storage / exceeding free limits.
We keep data for accounts for 7 days during a suspended period incase of appeal via email.
During the 7 day grace period there was no appeal found by the website owner in this case.
The websites under the email was deleted automatically after 7 days per system policy.

Backups are the ultimate responsibility of the user when using free hosting services.

Thank you for your help, though I am very disappointed in the appeals process and dealing with my website being deleted for reasons out of my control. I will be switching to a more serious provider for my website, but I thank you all for the opportunity to host a website.


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