Website server keeps going down


@janlou Try again in some time.


Ok I will try again in some time.


Ok Thanks for help .


Seems some internal issue, I’ve informed admin about this, and will be solved soon.


hi akhil, ‘’

even my website is also down for more than two long days . My website address is


It’s still down, If I will upgrade to a premium plan it will work or will still be down ?


It will be up and running.


Host is free and unlimited for ever?? or it is a trial??


Free forever just with limitations.

If you are looking for more than project hosting then move to premium for stability.


000webhost is for beginners, free forever, but bot unlimited.
Hostinger is for advanced users, paid, unlimited.


@grtshadow @janlou @SamOTPL
Issue fixed, try again now :wink:


Thank you!
working alright now


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