Website show blank page

my website show white page

Not sure what is inside your index.html/php page?


Your account was blocked

Your account was reported by third party services for break of our ToS.
Send required information to

  • Description of your website content
  • Document of Identity
  • Or upgrade to Hostinger with unlimited features

image here account blocked

Well do as the email suggests?

As per thread.

Please DO NOT POST THREADS on the forum relating to sites that have been suspended - we CANNOT offer assistance via the community forum - it must be done via the email - this email address is for ACCOUNT SPECIFIC ISSUES WITH SUSPENSIONS mainly, any other technical support questions etc CAN BE posted freely on the forum.

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Please note that replies can take some time from the email as they get a lot so you can only be patient out of interest what was the content of your website(s)?

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