Website showing strange error “Please Surf Safely! This website is prohibited for viewership in Pakistan.” when using www in URL, but loading fine without www in URL - (


My domain is My website is NOT a WordPress website, it’s a basic custom PHP website. I’ve searched through 000webhost Forum topics, but there’s no topic that relates to my problem. That’s why i’m posting and creating this new topic regarding my issue. Your help is much appreciated.

When i am visiting my website with www in domain URL (, i’m getting a strange error;

Please Surf Safely
This website is not accessible.
The site you are trying to access contains content that is prohibited for viewership in Pakistan.

While on the other hand, when i am accessing my website without www in the domain URL (, the website is loading just fine.

Please see the attached screenshots for reference.

Error with www in domain URL

Website Loading normally without www in domain URL

Can you please help me fix this strange issue? This website is pointing to my actual business domain, where my customers visit my website on daily basis, and i don’t know what is causing this strange behavior on my website.

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You can’t use www with our free subdomain only a custom domain.
The error is related to your home computer, router or ISP settings.