Website Sleeping 30 minutes longer than advertised


Dear admins,

I have set my website sleeping time to 4:00 AM GMT+1. It starts sleeping “on time”, however, it does not “wake” on time. It stays in sleeping mode until approximately 5:30 AM.

The time until my website finally “awakens” may vary, but it is never 60 minutes. It always takes longer than the advertised 1 hour.

This condition may also apply to my secondary website I have not confirmed it here, though.

Please fix this immediately.

Thank you.



Working fine here :slight_smile:


Hello @ckhawand,

Have you even understood the situation? Please read the original post again:

The problem is that my website sleeps longer than one hour. As I have set my websites sleeping time to 4 am it should wake at 5 am.

The time is GMT+1. However, you “checked” if my website was working at 6:21 PM GMT+1.

I feel stupid explaining any further.

I would like a real / capable admin to check if my website wakes up at exactly 5 am GMT+1. Whatever time that may be for you.

Of course I can also change the sleeping hour to a different time if that will be easier for you.

Since I have noticed that my website sleeps for about 1:30 hours, technically speaking, this means that the “wake up process” is taking 30 minutes, correct?
Wouldn’t it then be most logical to generally reduce the sleeping time to 30 minutes only so that the actual sleeping time appears to be exactly one hour?

Please give it some thought.

Thank you.



this would probably be due to how big you website is and how much it would need to do to take it out of sleeping mode for example if you turn off your computer for an hour than turn it back on it takes some time to turn back on. this is what i think may be happening with your website.


@Saxo_Broko I see what you mean.

I am using approximately 60% of the storage available to free users. However, I am mostly using this as a file server and I only have like 8 webpages which need to be “awakened”.

But your theory has one flaw, namely the fact that websites are still accessible through the file manager and FTP clients. If the whole content of my subdirectory was taken down during sleeping time, sure it would take longer to be made accessible again.

Since my files are still accessible through the file manager while sleep is on, I refuse to believe that the content is actually physically “taken down” while the website is sleeping. Most likely, only websites and open subdirectories get flagged with the “website is currently sleeping” page.

And it won’t take a lot of time to turn back on 8 flagged webpages.

Compared to a computer this would equal “standby” mode where only your screen goes blank and your HDD spins down until you press a button again and it comes back on within seconds.

Any other ideas as to what may be causing this?