Website sleeping, now?


000webhost is really annoying and I think the worst free hosting. As you can se here, website is sleeping and as you can see here, sleep time is for more than six hours, but no one can access my website. What’s the problem 000webhost? You’re worse and worse everyday. :slight_smile:

Address: https:// www . votum-separatum . tk


What is your site address?


My site also went to sleep out of planned time: the control panel shows that In 6h 34m 55s your website ka5 will be in sleep for 1 hour … , but the site is actually sleeping… :frowning:



Sorry I think I missed your website address in the original post. is now active sorry for the issues.

#6 is also active now, please post back if you have more issues.
This sleep doesn’t appear in our logs so have referred this to the developers.