Website Sleeping - Reason: Violation of Terms of Service


In my panel, my website is showing:

Your Website Is Sleeping
Reason: Violation of Terms of Service


What can it be? What I have done for this?

My website:

Thanks for your help.


@Kieryce Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ve unsuspended it for you. :slight_smile:


Oh thanks, but it’s still sleeping!


Can you plz try now? :slight_smile:


Still sleeping :confused:

Same dialog on panel, and message on visiting website:

Website is sleeping.
Website owners can wake website from sleep in members area


Sorry for this, but I can’t even access the FTP, and I need at least to recover my files as soon as possible!


Working now? :slight_smile:


@Kieryce Your website should work fine now.
As per Admin, The reason behind your website sleeping is that your website is hitting our process limits and was detected having 46+ processes. So you need to optimize your website
or upgrade to Hostinger to avoid such issues in future.


Oh, it was working for a while, then stuck in trouble again! Can you please fix it for a last time? I’ll remove this project from 000webhost, maybe this is causing really serious issues with overprocess from the 000webhost limits. But now I need to recover my FTP files so.


Seems to be working fine here, if still having issues email