Website sleeping time

Hi All,

Earlier i could modify my website sleeping time, but now, i couldn’t find it under the general settings, but it’s still going to sleep at every day. Do you know where can I modify it now?

Thank you for your support.

Sleeping has been disabled for websites


Thanks for that, but my website is unaivable currently. The nameservers are correct, and everything should be ok. Do you have any idea what could cause the problem?

Additional info: I use WordPress, and it’s down since 14:30 CET

Since you’ve not provided a URL or screenshots of said errors we can’t really pinpoint anything.

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Hi there, sorry valid point.

URL: its just loading endlessly, i saw the that is should disable my plugins, but i cannot access to them either. I’ve also deleted my .htaccess file and restored the original WordPress one again as I saw recommended in the forum by a member.

Thanks to any replies! Much appreciated.

If you can via File Manager accessible via > File Manager or and manually logging in.
Go to wp-content then rename plugins to pluginsOFF for example and then try to load your site.

If a WP site most likely Rate Limiting Policy