Website was put to sleep


How are you guys?

My domain was put to shut down due to violation terms of service. I would like to know which term I violate? No email was sent and no causes are appointed.

Thanks in advance


I’ll check on this later after the system has finished upgrading.

Your website was system suspended for exceeding the free plan limits and excessive server usage.

This is your one and only warning, backup your content now if you don’t have a recent backup.

If you are suspended in the future for any reason at all you will only be able to upgrade to Hostinger to continue and recover files.

@Infinity how we know that I can exceed the free plan limit…??

It’s when your website exceeds the limit for excessive usage of server resources there are not much ways to monitor this unfortunately

@Infinity ohh very bad, can you tell me whats the source which if exceeds the limit cause the suspension…??

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On this occasion I can’t see the log information sorry
just make sure your php scripts don’t exceed the free limits have that helps anything

@Infinity ohoo, How long php scripts free limits belong…??