Website Won’t Display - Needs index.php or


This is the message I get when I go to my site. IDK what to do to fix it. I’m not an advanced user and I’m very stressed out. Could someone please help??
Thank you!!


Hey simply put an index.html or index.php file in your public_html folder in file manager.
And if you don’t know any coding then use zyro buider given in 000webhost dashboard or use wordpress.


I used their website builder to make my website because I could never figure out how to use Wordpress (even the 1 click install) after the download.
And I have no idea how to make those files. Could you please explain how that’s done? I’ve never even heard of them.


If you’re using the website builder, all you need to do is make some changes and click the publish button (found in the top of the website builder). This will make the website live. If it doesn’t show up for you, try clearing your browser’s cache.


I’ve tried both and also tried using another computer. No change.


Hit CTRL + f5 or CTRL + R and it will work fine

If you are using a mobile browser, clear site cookies and cache and try again.