Website wont always load


I have a free hosting website which is using the Wordpress builder, it has been working fine but a few users and myself have noticed it occasionally wont load for 20 mins during the day.

We have checked that its not sleeping as thats set for early hours of the morning and none of the stats show we are using all our bandwidth or anything like that.

Could someone explain please, the website says 99.9% uptime but this isnt the case.


What errors do you get?

All server downtime is recorded

Both your sites for me right now are sleeping? :frowning:


im signed in with different account, the site im talking about is and typiclaly its working now haha


it just came up saying loading no specific error, like it couldnt connect to it


Hmm next time the errors appear screenshot, save and upload them and we can look into it more, if you are using WordPress try not to use heavy themes and not too many plugins as rate limiting will come into effect as they will eat your resources! :frowning:


Its happening now, i cant get on it again. Theres nothing to screenshot as i open chrome and it hangs on the page im on, it just has that cursor revolving in the tab like its trying to load it.

So do you think its because i’ve visited it too much while making chnages?


I would say you are right yeah, it certainly looks that way :frowning:

How many plugins if any do you have?

Slowly getting there…


I think i have 4-5 so when i can get back on il go have a look at removing a few then. Its strange though as its only recently started doing it as i havent installed nay plugins for a while. But il give it a try and come back if not.


Weird back again! :frowning:

I had 3 plugins and I noticed if I was in the wp-admin for too long making changes that things would go pear shaped, every time you load a page in the backend and every time a plugin makes a call on the back or front end that eats into your usage, the limitations aren’t the best on the free hosting and others would urge to upgrade to the premium as that has no limits - but if you can make it work and get by on free hosting then I’d just stay on it as well.


ok thanks for the very speedy help :smile: I did have wp-admin open for a while this morning and then left it over lunch and came back to this, so what your saying sounds like it could be right.

With this been a community group we are on a limited budget so hopefully once i finish it off it will only be visitors to the site and not a much backend work and shouldnt happen.

Will see how that goes and at worst we would upgrade!

Thanks again