Website wont load this morning... infinite loading


Can’t connect to my website to edit it. Can connect to 000webhost to get into my account and file manager etc. However when I point any browser/computer to my webpage it infinitely loads. Just white screen with the spinning load circle.


Was working fine last night. Tried multiple browsers, multiple computers, all on the same network. No other website seems to be effected.


I have reported your issue to the devs.


Thanks I just saw the topic about the Rate limiting. I only have about 2 or 3 plugins installed that came default with wordpress, so I don’t think that would cause problems. I’m hoping its not the theme and I have to redo my entire website.


Can you access it now seems fine here?

Or login here?


Yeah, after reading the post mentioned above about the Rate Limiting there was a mention to change the php version back to 5.6 so I tried that. Don’t know if that was the issue or if they fixed it through their end, but yes its working now. Thanks for checking.


Having the same issue again today. Was literally just working on it, went to refresh it and now infinite loading again. Any suggestions?


Working again, now. Still wondering if there are any suggestions to prevent this or if its just something going on site wide and will eventually be resolved.


Our servers are under maintenance :slight_smile:


same thing happend to my wordpress website…
even trying to ping it doesn´t resolve anything… and in Statistics appears as “Running”

Can you check it please!
Thanks in advance

It’s your website running?
hope you didn’t mind i’m posting my issue here, it’s just the same thing…


Working fine :slight_smile:


Yeah this issue comes and goes, takes about 30 min for it to come back up and then its good for the rest of the day. At least for me it has been that way. I think it was something on their end. I haven’t had this particular problem in a few days. Good luck