What are DNS IP?


i’m trying to change DNS on my domain panel but it requires also IP of NameServers.

I can’t give only:

But I need ip for each dns.

Could you give me them?

Thank you,


The IP(s) regularly change due to our cloud based infrastructure you can only use the nameservers supplied unfortunately.


Who is your domain registrar?


Hi, my domain requires ip…
My registar is register.it


Do you have any screenshots of the panel?
Do Register.it have a live chat you can ask them to set your nameservers to ns01.000webhost.com / ns02.000webhost.com

Or create CNAME records for @ and www to point to yourapp.000webhostapp.com


Hi, Register.it says that I need an IP for each DNS to insert on domain trough panel.


You could try pinging the nameservers to get the current IPs but this may not be great for future…