What are the DNS and related IP addresses

Hi, I am trying to set the DNS and related IP addresses of 000webhost on my domain control panel. The data I am entering are:

ns01.000webhost.com -
ns02.000webhost.com -

I had entered them before and they worked correctly, but now my domain control panel tells me they are incorrect. I also contacted my domain’s support, who told me the same thing.

What are the correct DNS and their IP addresses. Thank you

Due to cloud-balancing the IP(s) change frequently so please use only the ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com addresses :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, my domain provider also asks me for ip address.

I’ve had a look and I can see not many people recommend your registrar, seems you are stuck in a hard place with regards to updating nameservers easily.


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