What is my Wordpress Username or Email Address

This is my first time creating (or trying to create) a WP site. After I signed up with 000webhost, the screen says
Congratulations, it’s ready!

Your WordPress is now ready for configuration.

Go to configuration page

However, when I follow that link, it asks me what my Username or email address and Password are. I don’t recall ever signing up with Wordpress before. I tried “Forgot Password”, but I do not see any link going to any of my email addresses.

Should I set up a new Username? How should I do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If you use the automatic installer then you would pick a username and password before the installation began.
If your WordPress website is freshly installed and you’ve not yet added any content and you could simply reset your website to factory and then reinstall WordPress this time carefully taking note of the login details you pick

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