What is password of phpmyadmin

hello can someone tell me the password of phpmyadmin? i tried my database username and password but it wont work also my site name and password it aint work too

Hi @sumair7231!

Account password is not the same with website password nor with database password.

  1. Account password is the one you use to login to 000webhost cPanel

  2. Website password is used to access you website files; you can change it from 000webhost cPanel > Settings > General > Change password

  3. Database password can be changed from 000webhost cPanel > Manage databases > locate your database > Manage > Change password

what is PHPmyadmin password and username ?
i am not talking about my account password

Your PHPMyAdmin password is the same password on 000webhost.com > Manage Database

If you have forgot it change it.

Clicking on PHPMyAdmin will log you in.

Hi there i am clicking on the PhpMyAdmin button and it redirects me to a page and is asking me for username and password.
From where do i find it?
Thanks in advance

Hit manage then change password and pick a password, wait five minutes then try the automatic login else use the new password you’ve just picked.

Ok but what shall i write in the username?The database name?

No see your database management page on our page they are different sometimes

where is it???Can u explain in more detail or provide screenshot
Also why isn’t it automatically logging in?

Maybe there is an issue I will report this now apologies.

Seems there was an issue with automatic login, but the area on our panel still displays correct username and database name.

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