What kind of galleries are there


I’m looking for a easy and fast way to make a gallery.

My plan is to have 3 sections (caterories)

and that i can easily drag photos into the folder and it will appear.

Anyone have any suggestions


I’ve a simple script I could upload if you want.

So I’ve got it uploaded to /gallery/ then I’ve stuck 100 images into /gallery/gallery-images/ and then they display quite neatly on the /gallery/ page using the script.

If you click an image it opens up within the page quickly and neatly too.


Is there like catergories for this like




it would mean alot if there is :slight_smile:




I use just standard http://www.ubergallery.net/


Ye i tried using this, but it said it allowed multipage or something but i never knew how to use it.

i tried gallery-images/cat/images.png

but it didnt work


You could go with the standalone and upload three copies of it or as many as needed


yoursite.com > galleries [main page to say hello click on the words below to visit the gallery for that word]
yoursite.com > galleries > cat [ one install ]
yoursite.com > galleries > dog [ second install ]
yoursite.com > galleries > fish [ third install ]

Or give the multi one a try

Looking at the code it seems you upload the script and then you’d be looking at something like

uploading to yoursite.com > galleries > [one install]
then have the cat, dog, fish seperate folders under galleries


Yes, i just downloaded the GitHub files and used it for my own but now i have a new problem, the thumbnails are broken.

…/…/…/…/…/…/100-d4b6c1eda2780955bf492f355bebb3fc.jpg this is what the website does

but i want it to be cache/100-d4b6c1eda2780955bf492f355bebb3fc.jpg (for it to work)

If you find a solution please let me know


Have you a link to the site?

Feel free to list the categories you need I’ll have a look



The images are just test samples


Ah gotcha.

So upload the multi script, upload your images into cats/dogs/whatever

Edit line 467 of UberGallery.php


$relativePath = $this->_rThumbsDir . '/' . $fileName;


$relativePath = $this->_rThumbsDir . '/gallery/cache/' . $fileName;

Or if you installed it in the public_html folder then /cache/ will do





Oh my god it works. Thank you so much :slight_smile: <3

You are a legend :slight_smile: Thanks soooo much