What kind of PC do you have?


Any FREE programs in your PC that you like?

I have 3 PCs…

[COLOR=“Blue”]1[/COLOR]) An old [COLOR=“blue”]Windows XP[/COLOR] computer
(Even though Microsoft no longer supports XP…I still use it for basic functions. I use PANDA CLOUD for it’s virus protection.

[COLOR=“blue”]2[/COLOR]) My 2nd PC has [COLOR=“blue”]Windows Vista[/COLOR] in it.
I often use it to go online. I also use it to test programs for viruses…before I put them on my main PC. It has AVG FREE for virus protection.

[COLOR=“blue”]3[/COLOR]) My main PC has [COLOR=“blue”]Windows 7[/COLOR] in it. This PC is reserved for my most important files. I have Microsoft Security Essentials in it for virus protection.
This is my only PC that can properly handle HTML 5 games (through Google Chrome).

Note:In all 3 PCs I have Advanced System Care that helps optimize and check for malware.


I am also using win xp with avira and comodo internet security.


I am also using win 8 with KAP internet security.


I like Windows XP. It’s a shame Microsoft abandoned it. The school where I work, most of the PCs use Windows XP. Our tech specialist said he wants to basically trash all the XP machines and upgrade because of security reasons.


I am also using win 8 with KAP internet security.


My computer has window 7x64bits .
Why are you using window xp and vista. It’s too old


I still have XP and I use Comodo for my security software.


Mainly to test the compatibility of games I’ve made.
Vista is fine for doing simple tasks like surfing the web.
A lot of free games on the internet work well with XP.


I use Comodo for my security software.


I am using win 7 64 bit with Avira antivirus.


I have 5 laptops (all from a company that just changed PC policy, okay specced, all running a version of Linux and Load balancer, thus all 5 combined can make an quite okay server)

One old AF lappy, my first laptop running ubuntu 10.04 atm.
One Asus 10" lappy, ran Window 7 Home Basic, but is now running Mint Cinnamon.
One Fujitsu 13" lappy, quite powerful I have to say, running XUbuntu 14.04, it was running W7 earlier.
And my desktop running Windows 7 home professional, it works as a terminal client towards all of my Linux laptops and as my main computer. It is the most powerful of 'em, running 2x256GB SSDs in RAID0, an I7 processor and a ASUS GeForce GTX Titan Z.

I use the desktop for most everything, but little to no gaming


Leder… show off!

I have a nice 15" laptop with windows 7 that is hooked up to my 32" tv! :stuck_out_tongue: I do have an 120gb SSD though, so it runs nicely after a few years.


Might be a show off, but that’s what this thread is about :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, so you are game designer . That’s great . Do you have anygame hot have i know


I’m a gamer. I have Intel i7 and 8GB of RAM.


My main computer is a Compaq desktop I bought in 2007 or 2008 running Windows 7 x64. AT one point I was dual booting with Fedora 14, but I rarely logged in to that half, so eventually I just made it pure Windows after the hard drive crashed irreversibly.

My laptop is a hand-me-down Dell Latitude (only way I’d ever own a Dell) and it’s running Ubuntu. Apparently the previous owner wasn’t impressed with Dell’s ability to be fixed either.

Within the next few years, I’m going to build a computer to replace my current one.

As for free programs, I have plenty I like. AVG for anti-virus, OpenOffice or LibreOffice and they’re menus so I don’t have to deal with Microsoft Office’s pretty little buttons, GNU Cash for my bookkeeping, Notepad++ for my coding, and FileZilla for FTPing. The other favorites are more art based, like SmoothDraw.


I’m not a gamer. I have a simple 15" laptop (windows 7).


I mainly make educational games. My main game (Super Math Man) teaches students how to
count money and was just released on Amazon.com.
Link here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NLWJ1OK


My pc is silver and black. It has go faster stripes too.


I am using window XP :frowning: Celeron D 3.06Ghz and 2G ram :((