What linux version, apache, php, mysql are 000webhost using ¿?

Thats it im trying to install nextcloud and i need info about what linux version, apache, mysql ( php is known i tried with 7.1) is 000webhost using to host our domains in free versions.


We provide PHP 5.4-7.2
Apache 2.4.41
MYSQL: 10.3.16-MariaDB
RHEL 7.6 Linux Kernal 3.10.0-957

Only guesswork via PHP file, it might depend on your website etc.

Thanks so is there any way i can access to the error logs that nextcloud server throws…should be somewhere in var/logs/nextcloud…

I installed ok nextcloud using webinstaller, but i get an error 500 connection, i think is on nexcloud hand but …But i cant get the error messages or whatever…



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