When i login at my-name.000webhostapp. com with 000webhost. com login and password


when i login at my-name.000webhostapp. com with 000webhost. com login and password
i am getting this
Sorry, one of your friends has a VAC ban, there fore we cannot allow you to enter


That’s weird, do you have any screenshot of that?


yes here it is


You are trying to login to a 000webhost site, not the official one.
Here is the official login

I purchased domain from godaddy and parked mine domain at 000webhost


here i can see mine website
xyz. com parked ready

please u only login into mine 000webhost account and see what it is
also mine other free site amitagarwal .tk is not online


I fixed your TK domain :slight_smile:


thanks so much

also fix mine .com domain which was purchased from godaddy


Hi @amitagarwal3000

Your website amitagarwal.tk shows me that index.html or index.php page is missing. Upload one and continue.

BTW, is your domain amitagarwal.com?


no it is amit02.com

ok i can got to amitagarwal.tk now


Did you park amit02.com?


yes sir i parked it
please correct it

it says linked website - ready

where as mine other site amitagarwal. tk tells linked website
xyz.clerks.000webhostapp. com


To correct it you have to wait untill @ckhawand comes.
Can you post a SS of your my domains section?



Remove amit02.com and park it again with linking your correct website.

add www.amit02.com also.


sir please u do it


I’m not granted to do it, Sorry. If you can wait, wait for @ckhawand


Please hit manage then link website.


Nvm I did it for you :slight_smile:


thank you so much
but what is there at amitagarwal.tk
it is same at amit02.com

it is showing - hello this is a test
this i put in index of amitagarwal.tk
but i want different contents on both the sites

EDIT Now amit02.com is working but amitagarwal.tk i not working


You are allowed to 1 domain per website :slight_smile: