When I try to aces website it tries to Install wordpress while already installed

how did you open it?? can u share the link? i have made basic template using normal wordpress but i need to add extra features using webhost

Hello same here for me too!

It’s been more than 24 hrs I can’t access my site and it redirects to install.php
Website is fully set up and is on more than 3 months

any help !!!


Screenshots? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I am facing the same issue. It’s the fourth time I’ve built my site this time. PFA the screenshot. I am not sure if it could be from the themes and addons - but for the record I am using DIVI and woocommerce. Just a note though, as soon as I install and setup woocommerce 000webhost asks me to reinstall wordpress. I’ve waited few days for the error to go away too - it doesn’t. I am not sure what the issue might, I would appreciate any assistance.


Unfortunately that page usually means that the database has been frozen for exceeding the free limits.
After installing WordPress I would leave it at least an hour before configuring anymore plugins and themes as suspect woocommerce is quite large and will consume your free hourly limit really easily since then the installation of WP will already have eaten a massive chunk of your hourly limits.

@Infinity It did start working after a while - I guess that must have been the issue indeed. Thanks again for your immediate assistance.

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I’m facing woredpress installation error . please help. how can i overcome.
I’m editing my page and it suddenly prompted. 5 minute wordpress installation.

You can upgrade or use alternative hosting @admin7