When it will be fixed

Hello 000webhost,I came to know that the 000website is in repairing due to some technical issues.Can you tell me when it will be updated successfully.my school app is hosted on this
So i request you to take the necessary steps immediately,Thank you

Even my app stopped working. Did you get any email from 000webhost that they are repairing due to technical issues?

Since you didn’t read the topic that you’re supposed to read before even posting you might want to take a read of them now, then if you still have a query please post back with your full website address and a description and screenshots of your issue

No but actually you could see it from here , i mean 000webhost forum. They are working with it.but my school app needs to be updated with news and some educational features.if i could know the time taken for it,it would be better for my app,thank you

As above please expand on what the issue is you’re experiencing because you’ve not described it very well at all

Mean while i couldnt connect neither with ftp nor with website’s file manager.it is saying an error that the login details are wrong

Right ok FTP issues see the FTP guide.
If you can’t login then you just need to wait it out unfortunately on the free system, it just means the node that you were allocated to is facing issues and you can only wait the high traffic out

Hoping that everything comes to normal soon .i will be waiting for the repair

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