Where can I find the error_log on the free hosting plan?


Hello there. I uploaded a site that runs properly on my machine but I can’t access it because it keeps showing HTTP ERROR 500 and I can’t tell what the problem is or what to debug since no error is shown nor can I find any error log in the file manager. I have no access to cpanel, I guess because I’m on a free plan. Error reporting/display is automatically turned on in settings so I don’t know why it displays nothing but HTTP ERROR 500. The site has no index file. All testing logic as of now should run from the file http://mike-mmm.000webhostapp.com/tet.php. How can I track what the problem is?

ini_set("log_errors", 1);
ini_set("error_log", "php-error.log");

The problem was from an include. This server is case sensitive when including files.


You do not have access to php.ini here, upgrade to a paid plan or a VPS for that :wink:


Hi @iNeedAnswers!

In addition, if you want to debug PHP errors, please append the following code inside .htaccess

php_value display_errors 1