Where is my website

I had a web site on 000webhost “abelo.fr” but this one has disappeared and I do not know how to recover it.
Can you help me please ?
Thank you

Can you provide me the free subdomain provided with it

I don’t know what is a new subdomain.
I built my website with Wordpress…

Ne maîtrisant pas très bien anglais, j’essaie en français.
Mon site Web www.abelo.fr a disparu, je ne peux plus y accéder. Je l’ai fait avec WordPress.
Est-ce que quelqu’un peut m’aider pour le retrouver ?
Est-il archiver ? A t il été archivé ?
Comment faire pour les récupérer ?
Merci d’avance

Email associated?
Or URL like xyz 000webhostapp.com

I think your site is still active?

You’ve listed a custom domain above, you’d need to check with the registrar your purchased that from and make sure it still is active and isn’t needed renewed.

This is subdomain ?

Site ABELO Toggle navigation

It’s not this siteweb “abelo13” It was an essay

I need a domain like EXAMPLE.000webhostapp.com

Or the email you signed up with?

email : brunomoutarde@yahoo.fr

Domain : abelo.000webhost.com ?

… or abelo.000webhostapp.com ? I do not know anymore

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abelo shows deleted on 2019-09-02 along with the account that owned it isabelle######@ gmail.com as it was inactive and had not been logged into.

Then the website is definitely lost ?

Yes for sure sadly the data was removed as there was no response from the website owner.

Could you please restore it? I did not know this approach and I no longer use this email address.
It’s really important for my work …

We don’t keep any backups at all on the free system, users are responsible for taking regular backups as they agreed to upon signup to the free service, if you needed backups or anything premium then Hostinger would have been the best bet. Or taking regular backups would have been good too.

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