Where is my Website?


Hi. I’m not sure what happened here but I’m getting the following message when attempting to go to my website:
“Since May 1, 2017 your website should be switched to new members area.
If you still need your website follow instructions below.”

I went ahead and followed the instructions but everything is already setup. My domain was purchased through GoDaddy and the name servers on there were already set to NS01.000WEBHOST.COM and NS02.000WEBHOST.COM.
I’m not sure what’s going on here but I would really like my website to be visible.

Any help would be appreciated.


Can you please provide the link of your website?




Try this:
Migration tutorial > Backing up > Deleting old panel > Migrating to new panel


I appreciate the help but the link you provided states the following:

  1. Login, backup files/database, use MOVE ACCOUNT DETAILS PAGE, delete old site, delete old profile - you will be logged out of the old panel - now log back in using the same email & password - your new panel will appear.
    Once you’ve got into the new panel using the same email and password you used before you need to hit “Set Web Address” and “Free subdomain” and use the same free subdomain you had before which is locked to your old email!
    The same if you used a premium domain etc, add it and manage, link to your account.
    Upload your files/import your database etc and your site will be back to normal.

I’m having an issue with the part that’s bold. I’m not sure where the “move account details” page is.


You’ll have to wait for a moderator to help you


@ScanGittman use https://members.000webhost.com/panel/move, that gives you the option to move the account details. Then you can continue following the tutorial.


Ok it took a while to digest everything but it looks like it’s working as it should be. I appreciate the help guys!