Where you all from?


I’m from Las Islas de Filipinas, Pearl of the Orient…


Hi all =) I’m from Russian Federathion :cool: my city is Saint-Petersburg! I love my country =)Its a very beautiful country =))


i come from krungthep(bangkok),thailand


:wink: I from Thailand…


wow really?



I’m from Turkey!! My city is Gaziantep :slight_smile:


Hai I.A, Apa kabar? :smiley:
Kamu tinggal di kota mana? Saya tinggal di sebuah kota kecil dekat Jakarta.

Hey guys, instead of just introducing yourself to the forum, how about telling us what happened in your country? I’ll give you an example…

Recently, Indonesia has a problem in energy supply. To remedy this problem, our goverment introduced the “conversion program”. Most of the citizen who used kerosene for cooking, are forced to switch to lpg (liquid petroleum gas) which the goverment officials says cleaner and cheaper.

But the problem is… this conversion program is too sudden. Many people, especially those who lives in suburban area, had never used gas for cooking (and they don’t know the safety precautions necessary for handling a gas stove). There’re many accident related to gas-tank explosion, causing injuries, death, and sometimes burn many houses nearby… *

[to be continued?]


hi redcat good idea, by any chance are you the redcat from boards.ie?? just a random quess?


Sunny shores of Scotland


@Design_Dude–> hm… looks like I have a clone somewhere else… :smiley:


I be from Halifax NS that be in Canada if know one new :slight_smile:


thought i´d just say hi to everyone.

I am german, sitting in Germany right now /* shitty country btw./, but looking forward to go back to the UK or Ireland where i´ve been working the last few years ^^


Cool. Come to ireland. Much better than UK;):wink:


Lived in Dublin for almost 2 years when working at IBM in Ballycoolin and had a great time there. Same is true for the time i spent in Greenock/UK :slight_smile:

If i make it back to Ireland it´s gonne be Galway this time ^^


I live in the same country as redcat do, in a land that have the same name as Sun’s programming language xD~

Saia juga dari Indonesia. Saia tinggal di pulau yang namanya mirip bahasa programming-nya Sun, ayo tebak tebak~


Javascript?:L:L Whats java like?


well, without script man, just Java ^^

It’s a beautiful land though xD~


jawanya dimana mas…?


i’m from indonesia … same island with hydeist…


Born RAF Cosford in Donnington, but live in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Lived in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Berlin, Wegberg (Germany) until my pops retired from the RAF and we moved to Northern Ireland (my folks were born here & were next door nieghbours whilst growing up).

Been posted to Canada, USA, Cyprus, Belize, Gibraltar, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Northern Ireland (numerous 6 month tours), Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo and various other places; including various parts of mainland UK during my time in HM Forces.


Jeje este post esta bueno jaja :smiley: … io soy de Peru … and speak english too, but my mature language is the spanish…