Which CMS will work here?

I have been wondering which CMS will work here!

Wonder no more, I install various type of CMS here, including:

[/LIST]They all installed and work just fine!

With these finding I would imagine any CMS will be able to install here just fine.

Just keep in mind these things:
. Make sure your zip file have the right structure meaning if you want to install at the root of your site then make sure there is not folder in the zip but if you want to install in a folder or sub-domain then make sure the zip file have the folder in it.
. Use “1-click web restore”, it is wonderful and time saver
. Make sure you view the “Mysql” setting to get the right Mysql server name and your database name and database username because you will need that information during install.

If the above three things are correct there should not be any problem installing the above CMS or anything CMS for that matters.

I hope this information is helpful!


Wordpress isn’t a CMS. ^^

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Thank you for this, ill make it a sticky. I hope you don’t mind if I changed something on your post though.

Sure, be my guess!

those CMS (including Wordpress) will work (sure) in 000webhost.com servers.

Sure, you can see them in action here.


Joomla 1.5 works pretty good, though I have noticed quite a few MySQL errors. I think too many calls to the database cause this.

No problem with Drupal

Dolphin definitely does NOT work

Seditio => The best CMS => Works perfect here
Caching is only a problem if you have like a huge db of pages. Like 1000s of cats.

Otherwise I dont get any errors when using it. Must be the best :wink:

are you some kind of retard?

there is a fine difference between CMS BLOG and FORUM

next time you try to post something helpful, try to make sure you know yourself what your talking about.

bbPress also(forum)

hi, friends, can you show me how to installing wordpressMU on this best free hosting?
because it’s need a wildcarded DNS hosting.
or maybe if the founder of 000webhost can show the tricks to do it?

no one can install WordPress MU here, except the administrators here. Usually, this CMS is used for the servers only.

MODx works perfect, just uplaoding is the hard part, I had to split the archive up so I could upload through the web interface.

okay… I’ll add you… BTW, are you from Indonesia?

Have you tried 1-Click Website Restore yet?

uh no, no i havn’t

You will try to open the “Manager” in MODx and you will see that to work, practically, not probably. :mad:

uhmm i am looking into that… :confused: work around, login and then go back to /manager and it will load