Which CMS will work here?


try SMF or MyBB


No problem with Drupal

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Nice list :smiley: though drupal 7 wont on free host as it needs PDO_enabled neither will vanilla2


Is there a CMS that would work on a site with an custom template, which isn’t part of the CMD, and make it so that only a certain part of the page can be modified ?


I have tried Modx, but it didn’t want to work correctly for me. Though CMS Made Simple works perfectly for me.




It is too! >:O


I had some problems with the webinstaller of Simple Machines. He gave some warnings about FTP-connections.


I think SMF too works ok.


So no chances for recompile php with PDO_enabled in near future?


you should point out that the quota (max files in your account) is 6000


On most servers it’s actually 10,000.


Can you help me?
Is Moodle CMS work with 000webhost.com?
Is is true, Can you help to install in 000webhost.com?

Thank you,




When we transfer our root folder of the CMS, we’ve already the htacess file, so should we replace the original file in serverweb or not ?


yes, but do fix it to work with 000webhost rules


Can u explain me how could i fix it to work with 000webhost rules ? or if u have a link
because i’ve replaced the htacess file, and maybe that’s why i can’t see my images ?!!
my theme’s images aren’t displayed.

could u help me, plz


Drupal CMS is also working I think???


I want to add another CMS, XpressEngine(XE).

It is came from Zeroboard, a BBS, and the Zeroboard was the best in Korea.
Nowadays, XE has been developed, is also the best CMS in Korea, but has a little user in global.
It must be a great CMS, and it can be installed on 000webhost.com successfully.

I will post about howto install soon.


WordPress has huge problems with 000webhost, or maybe it’s just my particular hosting. My website is constantly down for hours when I am using it.


Hi all,

I’ve been trying to install Seotoaster, but seem to be stuck. Has anyone tried Seotoaster? apparently its great for noobs like me :smiley: