Whole website scrolling


My website used to go to individual pages when I clicked on a menu item. Now, all of my pages scroll consecutively one after the other. There is a blue and white arrow on the bottom of the page. How do I get rid of this and get my inidividual pages back again?
Thank you.


Are you using zyro builder? :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m using Zyro. It fixed itself, though. Had I done something to make it do that, or was it a glitch in the the builder?
Thank you.


How did you fx it. Mine has always had all the pages scroll one after the other with the arrows between pages and when I view it on the internet it’s the sme all one tremendously long page and the menu links just go to the section of the page.


Hi – I went to Settings (the gear in the upper right) and clicked on Background. I checked “Don’t scroll background” and it worked.


Hi @NelMaff

My website is doing the same thing. Did you do it for each page or just one page?

I tried what you said but my whole website is still scrolling :confused: