Why https are not secure


Hello, I recently buy a domain from GoDaddy (taktouk_eu), a secure domain, and when I park the domain to 000webhost, the created domain use https (https://taktoukfinal.000webhostapp_com/) but https://taktouk_eu is not secure at all. I’m a newbie in website creation, so Someone can help me ?

(replace the ‘_’ by ‘.’ for the link)


Good day @Bourgaff!

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure(d). It is a way by which the requests sent between your computer and the server is encrypted which prevents information leaks.

HTTPS works based on security certificates. These certificates are signed for different domains by Certificate Authorities. 000webhost provides HTTPS certificates however they are signed only for *.000webhostapp.com domain, not for the one you have pointed.

In order to have signed HTTPS certificates for your site, you could buy a paid plan with extra SSL included or link your domain with Cloudflare: How To Use Cloudflare For SSL