Why is my website no longer available?

Why is my website deleted? That was my portfolio… Now it’s removed, and I’m in the middle of searching for my job. Do you have some backups on your server, or it is gone for good? I hope you can help me.

That website and owning Gmail was deleted for inactivity on 2019-10-20 04:39:02 which is why you had to sign-up fresh with your email again.
Users must login at least once every three months.

i read in your rules that i will be notified via e-mail prior to my web-site cancelling as “inactive”.

the last e-mail i’ve got from you if from 22 of march this year, and the last upload i did is somewhere in may or june. these both i can prove.

no alert - just closing the site, and that’s it!

how can i restore my content and be sure it will be safe if you’re breaking your own rules?

please let me have my content back! it is obviously unproper doing.

thanks in advance for your reply and help!
vana catu

They’ve invested heavily in a third party mailing service to ensure high deliverability, but sadly some providers still even blacklist the term “000webhost” so it goes to spam due to previous abusive users or doesn’t get through at all, we can’t help that some providers do this.

Users are ultimately 100% responsible for ensuring they have regular backups of THEIR DATA.

this is not a question of provider.

my mailbox is usual gmail, an and i use it via several local and cell providers.

i’m receiveing your mails regularly, (not so often as from other guys, thanks for not over-spamming my box, btw!), but the one with warning - i never received.

please let me have my data restored!

thanks in advance,

We don’t keep backups.
We can restore archived sites but your site is deleted.
We can’t restore a site which no longer exists.