Why my FTP Server No works?


I cant enter to my FTP Server with FileZille, neither with the FTP tool of the web page.


Hi can you give screenshot



Can you try hitting the Repair button?



I repair it, but no work, cant enter to my ftp page
It may not work in certain regions?


Me too, when I enter my FTP I can’t upload it, it deletes itself when I upload it with the Fillezilla


The error you are getting indicates that you are not connected to the internet, or there is a connection problem between you and the server. I’ve just tried FileZilla, and got this:

|Status:|Resolving address of files.000webhost.com|
|Status:|Connecting to|
|Status:|Connection established, waiting for welcome message...|
|Status:|Server does not support non-ASCII characters.|
|Status:|Logged in|
|Status:|Retrieving directory listing...|
|Status:|Directory listing of "/" successful|

Check any firewalls you have, to ensure port 21 outbound is allowed. Do you have another computer or connection you can try?


Firewall and Antivirus they are disabled.

What I do say is that it is a 000webhost problem, because I can use other FTP hosting.


Hi @Tonblader!

I have refreshed the FTP connections for your account. Please try again now.

If the issue persists, make sure no firewall is blocking FileZilla from accessing files.000webhost.com. Please contact your internet provider as well. Make sure nothing is blocking your machine from accessing files.000webhost.com over HTTP/FTP


I already call, they say that there are no blockages through HTTP / FTP, on the other hand, before the service changed, I could access my FTP Server without any problem.

Is necessary, finish all? (i cant buy)


Please connect to ftptest.net using the same settings you are using in FileZilla and reply the entire log.

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