Will i lost domain


i owned a domain from simplesite.com and i want to add it ti ooowebhost.com if simplesite.com delete my website from thier server will i lost my domain or remained mine


If they delete your domain then only your domain will be lost not the whole website that you have made :slight_smile:


have they authority to delete my domain


No i think they don’t have :slight_smile:


Hi @chughtai

You can create a app (or website) which has 000webhostapp subdomain first. Then you can park or point it to 000webhost.

If they delete your domain, you will loose your domain. But, your website will remain here and it will accessible through your 000webhostapp subdomain (like yourwebsite.000webhostapp.com). Also, if you buy (or get) another domain from any other company, you can park or point it here and use it as your website’s domain.

Hope it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask :wink:

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