Wont show my websites


Hello 000webhost, My websites are now GONE, Cant see them. This is NOT the first time i saw this happen, In fact this has happened a couple times in the past,
And if you can tell me about how much longer till the unpaid people get there database fixed that would help also.

Thank You,



Hi, I don’t know what’s going on with your account, but I’ve sent the issue to a developer to have him look into it. Regarding the database problems, we do not have a timeframe as to how long it will take to fix everything.


How long did you keep your account inactive.

When, exactly?

Should be soon, as the devs were working on more important things.

  1. If by inactive you mean not writing this on the forum about 1 week (Not counting the other 36 times)

  2. It has happened every month for 3 years

  3. And thank you for telling the database will get fixed

Thank You,



By inactive I mean not logging onto your 000webhost account


So what is the exact issue?

Do you mean your sites have disappeared in regards to when you LOGIN TO 000WEBHOST.COM and they simply don’t show/load up due to server/CloudFlare issues?

Or are you saying that your sites have completely been deleted and you have to start from fresh and your sites don’t load in the browser and all content is lost?


Looks fine to me here.