Won't sync properly :'(


My site won’t sync properly.

I use the wordpress builder which goes to 000webhost in which I then force cloudflare to sync but it just won’t sync from the 000webhost bit, maybe because of wordpress?

Please help!


Hi can you explain a bit more?
A screenshot of your errors would be great


Not exactly an error page to show.

It’s just that when I do it, 000webhost isn’t receiving the information from wordpress or something properly in which then the change isn’t instant.


Maybe you should purge the cloudflare cache? :slight_smile:


I have several times in attempt to sync it. Every time I do so it comes up the same.


Are you sure you hit Publish?



Don’t worry it’s up now, but it does take a while to sync for some reason :’(


Glad to hear it’s fixed. Next time mind to hit ctrl + f5 to hard reload the page :wink:


Thanks, ctrl + f5 noted!



Glad to hear it’s fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have any other question feel free to ask or open new topic :wink: