WooCommerce or Magento


Which one is cheaper and which one has more powerful features?


@markhenry26 Magento has more powerful features.
But i suggest go for WooCommerce because it doesn’t take much time to set up.


I would go for Magento. Although it is a more expensive solution, it has clear advantages in the form of :

  1. Easy integration with 3rd party software: Paypal, eBay, Mail Chimp, Google Shopping;

  2. Intelligent filtering conditions. These are the Magento’s unique search term clouds, product tag filters and so on;

  3. Build In product upsells and cross-sells;

  4. Huge user community who are able to help with almost every problem you can possible have;

And if you are not satisfied with default Magento functionality, I would suggest you look at some of the extensions which can expand its default functionality.