Word Press error when trying to install wordpress


Hi there,
I’m trying to install wordpress on my domain but keep getting this error message so can’t proceed.

“The file wp-config.php already exists. If you need to reset any of the configuration items in this file, please delete it first. You may try installing now.”

I’ve tried re-installing word press but get the same message. I haven’t tried to delete the wp-config.php file as I read on this forum Not to do that. Has anyone got any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.


Also clicked the repair and reset on settings page but no luck.


Hi try deleting your website then install it again using WordPress auto installer in your cpanel.


Hi thanks for your reply. I’ve tried deleting the website and also my account so I could start again but I still get the same error message. Is there a step by step method for installing wordpress on your own domain anywhere?
I created a website on here a couple of years ago following a youtube video but that video was done using filezilla and the cpanel on here.The cpanel looks different now and cant remember the steps used without following the video… Just tried again re-installing word press which seemed to work but it looks like I don’t have an index.php file. Am I supposed to create that separately or does that happen automatically when I install word press?


What is your 000webhostapp URL?


I just deleted the old one but the new one is app-1528835981.000webhostapp.com


Do you want WordPress installed on it today?


yes I’m trying to install word press on my domain westlondondj.com but keep getting error messages. I just deleted everything but it looks like the old word press is still there.


Can you try logging in here please


ok will try that now


Having trouble logging in. So will need to reset password…


See the private message I sent you.

Top right, then message icon hopefully.`


ok thank you. Will read it now.


Is the issue resolved?


Yes all seems fine now. Thank you.

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