WordPress after a while installed back to the installation

After doing the whole installation process, but after configuring wordpress it simply returns to the installation page, as if it had lost the whole process.

Unfortunately that page usually means that the database has been frozen for exceeding the free limits.
After installing WordPress I would leave it at least an hour before configuring anymore plugins and themes as suspect this being the cause and exceeding limits really easily since then the installation of WP will already have eaten a massive chunk of your hourly limits.

so after crossing this limit does it reset the database?

After crossing a limit your website is basically frozen and it will return to the way it was before it was frozen after a certain time determined by the system

So I install wp, wait a few hours then do a change or deployment and wait a few hours to go on?

Yes! :dagger:
Take a look at heartbeat control and disabling it all round once you have regained access

got it, thanks for the explanation

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