WordPress Cheat Sheet (3 in 1)

Creating WordPress plugins or themes is not as easy as it may sound
At Hostinger, we are aware of this fact. We also know that not being able to recall the right tag or function at the right time can waste a lot of precious time.

After very successful HTML cheat sheet (more than 400 shares and counting) we decided to make a WordPress cheat sheet.

No matter if you’re a novice or someone with years of experience; it’s supposed to offer a helping hand to everyone.

Originally posted on Hostinger, this 3 in 1 WordPress cheat sheet houses tags, functions for WordPress theme development, WP-CLI commands cheat sheet and Wordpress keyboard functions.

It’s only v.1 and we look forward for an honest feedback.

We have focused on keeping it simple, comprehensive and easy to navigate.

To download PDF version, click here

JPEGs, as well as Black and Gray version for printing are available on the original post.