Wordpress Content Directory Issue


HELP! I have a major issue. I tried deleting a zip file in my wp-content directory, and it ended up deleting the whole entire wp-content directory! Is there any way to restore this directory?


We don’t keep backups unfortunately.

If you download the latest version of WordPress, take the wp-content directory from it, zip it up, upload it (if you can currently with the disk server error being worked on) and then extract it and hopefully it will resolve it somewhat.


Yes, but unfortunately that doesnt solve the missing files problem…


No you’ll probably have to download any themes/plugins again but the site should function with content again surely.


Yup, but i had about 35 pages!


It has been a long time since I used WP but doesn’t it store your pages/data in the database?
And just refer to plugins and themes folder for images/css etc?


You are probably correct, but the main issue is with the images…


We also used Elementor page builder, and it will have lost those templates as well