Wordpress database attempts to reinstall itself


Hi all,

I was editing my wordpress page yesterday and today, when I tried to visit the website, it is redirecting me to wordpress database installation page.

How should I proceed in order to retrieve or not to lose all my database entries?

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Hi @liomreiki
Your website url?




check your wp-config.php and your database informations.


IS your problem solved in email or not?



I did check my wp-config.php and changed the password too with no results.

When I logged in to PhpMyAdmin there is an error there

User ‘***’ has exceeded the ‘max_queries_per_hour’ resource (current value: 15000)

Which is strange since I have not made any DB changes in the last hours,

Any further suggestions?


The free services have limits and every single move on WordPress causes a query so you’ll see they’ll use up quite fast.


I understand that there is a hourly limitation, but what I can do now? or would that mean that my database security has been compromised and someone is constantly using up the limit or is it just stack in the error state?

How should I proceed?


Just wait till it cools down and make sure you don’t have many plugins or a heavy theme or it’ll keep happening :frowning:


Thanks! I still don’t understand why hasn’t it ‘cool down’ yet since the website has not been accessible for several hours now, but I will wait and see if anything happens.