Wordpress error when loading images (recent website)


Hello friends of the 000webhost support and forum 000webhost

I really need your help, my site

is giving the following error when I upload images by wordpress:

“Failed to send “IMG_3641.PNG”.
Missing a temporary folder.”

help me please forward to colleagues here and forum technical support, already tried to reinstall wordpress and could not solve

I’m waiting
Thank you


Try How to fix temporary file is missing in wordpress?

And report back.


I can not create the php.ini file

stado: Connection terminated by server
Status: Disconnected from server
Status: Resolving the address of files.000webhost.com
Status: Connecting [2a02: 4780: dead: babe :: 3]: 21 …
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message …
Status: Starting TLS …
Status: Checking certificate …
Status: Established TLS connection.
Status: The server does not support non-ASCII characters.
Status: Identified
Status: Beginning sending / var / folders / 5k / _3tcxsy52xd22j5nl6501wg00000gn / T / fz3temp-2 / empty_file_yq744zm
Command: CWD / public_html
Answer: 250 OK. Current directory is / public_html
Command: TYPE I
200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
Command: EPSV
Answer: 229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (||| 54073 |)
Command: STOR php.ini
Answer: 552 Disk full - please upload later
Error: Critical error in file transfer

Can you get on the server and fix everything?
thank you


What are your statistics like via 000webhost.com?


I do not know what the statistics are, how do I check this?
thank you


Just hit statistics when you login.


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thank you very much


I think now maybe I did, see if it’s correct, please?
I followed the tutorial How to fix temporary file is missing in wordpress?


Is it fixed? :slight_smile:


yes, thank you very much