Wordpress instaled but can't find admin login page

Hello. I’m new with 000webhost.com and i need a bit of help. I want to develop a simple website (only one page) but after i install wordpress it tells me that my wp-login.php is not found.

I instaled wordpress from my dashboard, i just pressed “Install” and he did evrething.
After he finishes the instalation, i pressed “Go to configuration page” and it opened a new page and gives me the error “404. That’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server.”

What can i do? Thanks

It seems like the installation has failed, reset the site via general settings on our panel and then run the installation again.

I have same issue from tomorrow… and reset does not helps :frowning:
First I have Issue as is here: WordPress >> Installation
but I try to reinstall WP, firstly it works but still get to install loop, then it stops even instal… Ive wait for 24 hours, reset site and try to install again… and again nothing, no DB nothing… I even cannot create new DB for manual install of WP… any help?

I really like your service, so I dont want to search another site…

If you run a successful install, you never have to reinstall, if you see the page you’ve just got to wait it out.

OK, I see it now, but what can be done now? have to ■■■■ site and create a new one?
and moreover I cannot creat any DB now

What is your free URL please?

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The one with WordPress installed but you face the installation page?

Yes this is the site… or you looking fot this? https://www.000webhost.com/members/website/prototypeslab/build

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I don’t see any WordPress installation? Have you deleted the files or have you not installed WordPress successfully yet?

As I said…

  1. Ive install it, and also setup…
  2. then I have loop install Issue
  3. several times reinstal
  4. try to reset … also several times (see logs if you can)
  5. try to instal…

now Iam unable even to create new DB, nor install new WP…

Hi! We’ve recently updated parts of our backend. I believe that’s the reason you’re experiecing these problems.

We apologize for inconvenience. Rest assured that your case has been reported will be fixed as soon as possible.

Greate Thx a lot, I really like your service and help

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If possible can you use general settings to reset your website once more to clear the database limit issue, then run the WordPress installation and get back to me once installed.

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