Wordpress installation problem

I just joined 000webhost. I wanted to create a kind of test website to try things out first, so I haven’t as of yet changed my website address from the default xxx.000webhostapp.com.

Anyways, I’ve created a website. I click on Website builder and then choose “Build Wordpress website”. Now it’s installing, creating database and finalizing etc. Afterwards it says: "Congratulations, it’s ready!
Your Wordpress is now ready for configuration."
and there’s a button “Got to Wordpress configuration page” (yes it actually says “Got to”).

But when I click the button i get a page with nothing but "Not Found
The requested URL /wp-admin/install.php was not found on this server"

I’ve tried this a couple of times. Since it creates a database every time I had to delete the existing ones (limit 2 for free use) before trying again.

I’ve tried googling but can’t seem to find anyone with this error. Also, when I look at tutorial videos for 000webhost the website has a different design than the one I’m at. Have they perhaps remade it recently?

Has this problem happened to anyone else?
Does anyone have an idea on what might be the cause of the error?
Are there perhaps any prerequisites for the installation? like mysql or php?

I would greatly appreciate any help!

Thank you!

What happens when you visit yoursite.com?
Does it load up a new wordpress site?

I’d just visit Wordpress website, download the latest version and manually install, upload the zip, create a database, run the install, type in the database you made, sorted.

I am also having this same issue. It began yesterday, but I didn’t have it last week when I was working on another site.

Thanks for the quick reply!
My URL is: anderstest.000webhost.com

When I go there I get:
Hooray, your free website has been started!

You see this page because your website doesn’t have “index.php” or “index.html” file in public_html folder.
Create index file
Below you can see your current files in public_html folder.

…and there is a file browser. I just now tried browsing it and found a file named “install.php” in the “wp-admin” directory. The file that the error message says it cant find.

Yes I’ve considered installing wordpress manually but I wanted to try the forum first since I’m kinda new at this stuff and it would feel so much better if things worked as intended.

Glad I’m not alone in this :slight_smile:

If you shoot me your details I’ll easy stick on wp, but the auto install has been a bit crap lately so not sure when it will be fixed.

Any way you can easy stick it on for me too? i downloaded it, but I’m not sure how to upload/install it correctly. My page is nelainephotography.com.

If you hit Infinity and send over the 000webhost.com login details :blush:

Thanks but I got it working now I think. I did the exact same thing as yesterday and the installation worked this time :smile:

Thanks for your time though and have a great weekend!

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