Wordpress installed but not working?

Hello, I just started with 000webhost, I have my custom domain, everything is connected and I installed (looks like successfully) Wordpress. I am prompted to configure the WordPress and then… it suddenly cannot find the page nor account.
Any advice?

the page I started is https://mommymindsetcoach.000webhostapp.com/ and the NEW parked domain is mommymindsetcoach(dot)com

Can you expand a bit more?
The link you’ve pasted loads fine.

mommymindsetcoach.com linked fine.

yes, thanks,
So I think now it’s all linked correctly. it looks like that:Capture

But I cannot still access wordpress. I know about adding /wp-admin but the page cannot be found.

Thank you for your patience with the beginner.

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What do you see? :slight_smile:



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Hmm very odd :frowning:

Can you try alternative DNS and clear your cache? It might just be since you’ve recently set the domain up?

I got in!!! The previous tutorial worked, I just needed to restart the browser. Thank you so much @Infinity !

Ace! :smiley:
No problem happy site building!

See: Rate Limiting Policy

For information on installing Heartbeat Control to avoid limits with WordPress.

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