WordPress issue of redirection

My website keep redirecting: https://banditmouse.000webhostapp.com

This always happens when activity increases on my website… Almost as if someone is watching my website, …and making this happen on purpose and then after sometime the website comes back… Please how to make it stop

Yourself or someone added a line to your .htaccess

I have removed it and now it works fine?

Works fine now.

Thank you so much… Hope it would not happen again??

So if you see the topic above it details the limits and confines of the free plan.

It also offers the plugin of

If you install that (when you can)

Then DISABLE all the heartbeat functions (not the plugin itself)

You can also use

It will give you a rough idea of how many requests you are using in the backend just navigating around wp-admin and the front end too.

So if you use 50 requests loading a theme page in the backend, 5000/50 for example gives you a limit of 100 pages loadable in an hour in the backend before you hit rate limiting again (only an example)

I put it because when the site goes down, it shows wp-installer. And i fear ppl viewing my website may hit install and mess up everything…how do i prevent it from showing wp-installer when the site down??

I’m not sure you can sadly?

I don’t think they can proceed with installation as they won’t have the database details? + database will be frozen anyway.

Well.if they cant successfullly proceed with installing…i.guess thats okay too… But what else would you suggest @Infinity ??? …pls tell me

The heartbeat information above ^^^

WHat next boss?? @Infinity

Disable on all options

  1. I cant find “options” i only see locations here…and none of them ticked


  1. Or do you mean i should do this? @Infinity

Tick all boxes and choose disable yes.


Its not working… My users can still see this page… How do i make them not to see this page…when you guys do this next time? @Infinity

When the database is frozen, WordPress gets confused and either shows an error, installation or connection page- we can’t control what WordPress shows sadly.
You can overcome by reducing hourly requests, upgrading or using alternative hosting :frowning:

How do i stop my users from seeing this installation page??.. …that code i used in htaccess… worked perfectly…until i took it out

Also how do i monitor hourly requests? …how do i know when next you guys are gona do this??..cos the website has been fine all day…untill now


How do i make it show something else…instead of this page when the site down or “frozen” like you say ?? @Infinity

Put the code back in if you think it was working.

We don’t do it - the system does it automatically based on YOUR usage.
So if you exceed the free hourly limits for your site then it will freeze your database.