WordPress, JSON, Installation

Hello fellows.
I’m sitting here for 2 weeks, very ■■■■■■ at this since my due date for university project has gone by thanks to issues that are not resolved.
Long story short, almost after each action done on dashboard or customization of WP, 000webhost prompts me to install WP all over again and again, and just fires SQL errors from DB that either the user cannot be created, then prompts me to log, after which it does the same. All.over.again.
And if that is not happening, the JSON error persists after everything. And if it doesnt, each time I publish something, the site COMPLETELY resets. To 000, where it started. And that got me ■■■■■■ and got me to fail my exam.
I know I sound salty, its because I am. I am forced to do this project in this technology. Forced. Please fix this so others wont suffer as I did.

Sincerelly yours,
A very salty dude.

Basically, upgrade or use alternative hosting sorry.

Univerisity should provide hosting platform that is reliable or pay for you to have your own / or buy your own.
Student bursary could surely cover a year at $23